Modern home care for
today’s busy homeowners

Modern home care for today’s busy homeowners

Glasshouse offers Subscription Home Maintenance
plans to help homeowners free up valuable time,
while keeping their houses in peak condition.


Never worry about
your home again

Glasshouse is your single source for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for your home. Our expert House Managers will take care of your home to keep problems from ever starting.

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Premier service begins with one trusted relationship.

Hear more from our clients on why they signed up for subscription home maintenance service on our blog.

“It's nice to know that there is a company out there that can help me not only proactively take care of my house, but be there in a pinch for when accidents happen and things don't go as planned.”

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Jen Rego

“It's much easier for me and my husband to request a task through Glasshouse rather than putting our home maintenance projects off on one another, especially when neither of us has the ability or bandwidth.”

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The Schreiber Family

“I just feel like, finally, someone is caring for the house who actually knows what they're doing (versus me and my wonderful but not-so-handy husband).”

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Hilary Cooper